Role: Full-Time Social Media Manager



If you’ve been looking for the perfect role to step into post-Uni or you’re just looking for a sea change / professional development, Filtrd are hiring a Social Media Manager who is hungry to learn and has a passion for social media marketing.


Most employers want you to answer the question, “Why you?”, but we’re all about how WE can help you to grow on every level, because helping people and businesses to grow is our philosophy (and we are pretty good at that, if we do say so ourselves).


Just like our coffee, we like our team management, our strategies, our passion, our communication and our relationships to be strong. 


You’ll be joining a small, highly-skilled team who pack a punch, and we’ve leveled up hundreds of Australia’s biggest brands through brand development, content creation, lead generation, website development and custom campaigns. We’ll provide you with all the necessary tools and training to absolutely crush your day-to-day and long term goals, whilst also giving you the freedom to work remotely most of the time, be creative, work closely with clients to build relationships and to develop the skills you would like to. 



  • $50,000 - $70,000 / year salary + super.

  • Filtrd merch.

  • Access to industry-leading paid subscriptions.

  • 4 weeks paid leave / year + sick leave.

  • Part-time remote working.

  • Flexible working hours for work / life balance.

  • Personal / professional development courses.




  • Working closely with the Marketing Manager through the client onboarding process.

  • Conducting a comprehensive audit of the client’s digital strategy and social media marketing strategy.

  • Managing client relationships with strong communication.

  • Market research.

  • Working closely with the client and Marketing Manager to strategise the client’s brand development.

  • Collaborating with the Head of Content, Marketing Manager and client to implement the client’s brand development.

  • Graphic design.

  • Copywriting.

  • Influencer / Creator reach out and management.

  • Working closely with the Head of Content and Marketing Manager on the client’s website development.

  • Reporting to the Marketing Manager and client throughout and at the conclusion of the client’s campaign.

  • Simultaneously managing up to 10 client campaigns.

  • Identifying and capitalising on social media trends, updates and events.

  • Creation and implementation of EDM campaigns.

  • Writing strategic and unique ad copy for each client campaign.

  • Ads management.

  • eComm strategy and promotion development and implementation.

  • UGC style content creation for various social media platforms.




  • Ideally 2 years in the same / a similar role with the same / similar responsibilities.

  • Excellent time management and able to self-manage tasks on a day-to-day basis.

  • Proficient knowledge of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok useability.

  • Ideally 2 years in a customer facing / service role.

  • Growth mindset and willingness to learn from constructive feedback.

  • Passionate about supporting South Australian and Australian businesses.

  • Positive attitude towards problem-solving.

  • Fast learner and proactive.



  • Proficient understanding of reporting software.

  • Understanding and experience with Facebook Creator Studio, Ads Manager and Business Suite.

  • Proficient understanding of and Slack.

  • Understanding and experience with EDM programs including MailChimp, Klaviyo and ActiveCampaign. 

  • Understanding and experience with Shopify, various Shopify integrations and Wix.

  • Agency experience.

  • Understanding and experience with graphic design software including Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premiere Pro / Rush.



We are not seeking someone who is simply after a job, or someone interested in the ‘churn and burn’ of clientele. We are a close-knit team who fosters genuine relationships with our clients; before, during and after our campaigns.


We are looking for someone who shares our values of personal and professional growth, who is always looking to level up and who loves memes as much as we do. We love to celebrate our personal and professional achievements, to motivate one another and to always learn.


We respectfully value one another’s opinions, support one another’s side hustles and businesses, we love a good chicken and rice from ChinaTown and most of all, we encourage you to look to where you want to be in 5 years and help you to get there.


Our team days foster our relationships and we stay in touch with one another via messages, zoom calls and phone calls whilst working remotely. 

FYI we’re happy for you to sit in your Oodie whilst working remotely, but you should look professional and on brand with Filtrd when required!

DISCLAIMER: This is not just “another” social media role that you’ve seen advertised on LinkedIn.